Conference Presentations


September 12 – The Columbia River Treaty

Held at Central Washington University, Ellensburg, WA


Session 1

The Columbia River Treaty (CRT) in Context: Professor Barb Cosens, University of Idaho and Universities Consortium on Columbia River Governance

Native American Tribal Roles in CRT Review: Paul Lumley, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission

Treaty Review in the U.S. and Canada: Matt Rea, United States Army Corps of Engineers; Kathy Eichenberger, British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines


Session 2: Post-2024 Expectations for Tributary Headwaters Management

John Tracy, Idaho Water Resources Research Institute;

Dr. Michael Barber, State of Washington Water Research Center.



Keynote - A World Prematurely Dammed: Improving on the CRT & Other Hydrological Anachronisms: Robert W. Sandford, Canada Forum on Leadership for Water, Canada Water for Life Decade, and Western Watersheds Climate Research Collaborative



Session 3: Treaty Perspectives Panel

Fish, Wildlife and Recreation: Suzanne Skinner, Center for Environmental Law and Policy

Social-Cultural Impacts in British Columbia: Eileen Delahanty Pearkes, author of The Geography of Memory

Hydro Power: Andrew Grassell, Chelan PUD and Columbia River Treaty Power Group

Local Government: Paul Jewell, Kittitas County Commissioner and Columbia River County Commissioners Policy Advisory Group



Session 4: Climate Change and the Columbia River Treaty

Deborah Harford, Simon Fraser ACT

Dr. Alan Hamlet, University of Washington



September 13


 Session 5: Water and Restoration

Restoration in the White Salmon and Klickitat Basins: Bill Sharp, Yakima Nation Fisheries

Instream Flows for Restoration in the Columbia Basin: Jason McCormick, Washington Water Trust and Jason Hatch, Trout Unlimited-Washington Water Project

Restoration in the Methow and Wenatchee Basins: Brandon Rogers, Yakama Nation Fisheries

Columbia River Instream Atlas Project: Jonathan Kohr, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife



Session 6: Fish, Agriculture, and Water Resources

Yakima Integrated Water Resources Management Plan: Dave Fast, Yakama Nation; Urban Eberhart, Kittitas Reclamation District; Michael Garrity, American Rivers; Paul Jewell, Kittitas County Commissioner and Columbia River County Commissioners Policy Advisory Group

Office of the Columbia River Projects: Derek Sandison, Office of the Columbia River

Columbia River Water Rights in Oregon: Ruben Ochoa, Oregon Water Resources Department

Aquatic Invasive Species Control: David Conlin, GeoEngineers, Inc. and Carson Keeler, Public Utility District No. 2 of Grant County, WA


Session 7: Water Resources Management

Hydro and Wind Power Issues: Adam Price, United States Army Corps of Engineers

Water Banking: Yakima and Dungeness Rivers: Susan Adams, Washington Water Trust

Model Development to Support Assessment of Flood Risk for the Columbia River Treaty Review: Sara Marxen, United States Army Corps of Engineers

Hydrologic Sensitivity to Climate Change: Julie Vano, University of Washington

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